What is an Xtool or Proximator? and Which are the ideal surgical elevators or luxators for Atraumatic Extraction?

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a) Xtools are a fusion of three instruments-in-one (a periotome, a periosteal, and an elevator), in order to facilitate the clinician a more effective and precise Atraumatic Extraction of Teeth with the Preservation of the Alveolar Bone & Gingival Architecture.

b) The ideal Atraumatic Extraction surgical instruments are; strong instruments that can withstand leverage force without distortion or bend, with a narrow fine tip (straight or spade), thin enough to go under the gingival sulcus but strong enough to wedge their way in and in between the alveolar ridge and the tooth or root tip to be now ‘pushed out’ instead of pulling or forcing it out.

Which is the ideal set of needed extraction forceps in a dental practice and why?

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Every practice should have at least one set of the Roba6 Extraction Forceps plus two spade root extraction forceps as shown on the video above.
This particular set of 8 has the following characteristics to successfully execute an atraumatic extraction:

■ The Roba line are anatomically upgraded Apical Retention Forceps.
■ The parallel closing and the aggressive long axis serrations within the beaks feature a sharpened, tapered outer profile to increase subgingival access and contacts along the entire tooth structure.
■ Once subgingival, the heavy cross prevent root fracture and slipping during luxation.
■ Used on intact, partially intact or broken down teeth.

By: Dr. Alan Arturo Zarzar

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