LIVE Patient All-on-X

Full-Arch Fixed 5-Day course 

by Dr. Nicholas Egbert

Event Location

Av Cordillera de Los Andes No. 115, Col, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, 11000 Mexico City, CDMX

CDI in Mexico City

View our state-of-the-art Internacional Dental Training Center at Camarlengo Dental Institute in Mexico City.


Official IDR Course Hotel

Camino Real Polanco Hotel – Mexico

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September 26 – 30 / 2022 Mexico City 


Conventional extractions, bone grafting, and delayed implant placement and restoration may result in decreased case acceptance, patient satisfaction, increased risk of clinical complications, and ultimately sub-optimal functional and esthetic results. Immediate implant placement and loading is an alternative to conventional procedures that increase patient acceptance and satisfaction by optimizing outcomes, reducing treatment time and complications more efficiently, and restoring the patient to adequate oral health. In addition, modern site-specific dental implant designs and more conservative surgical and restorative techniques have increased the predictability of such treatment.

This LIVE Patient 5-Day didactic and clinical course demonstrates evidence-based techniques with clinical cases from private practice to showing start-to-finish dental implant surgery and restoration. Participants will demonstrate their understanding and improve their clinical ability both surgically and restoratively, on 3-D simulation models and then on patients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand optimal treatment planning, presentation, coding, and billing.
  2. Properly diagnose hard and soft tissues and suitable patients for delayed esthetic zone therapy.
  3. Properly diagnose hard and soft tissues and suitable patients for immediate esthetic zone therapy.
  4. Understand proper atraumatic extraction techniques.
  5. Understand and demonstrate proper implant osteotomy, placement, grafting and custom healing abutment, and immediate screw-retained provisional techniques.
  6. Understand optimal impression techniques and restorative steps.
  7. Understand optimal maintenance procedures.

Dr. Nicholas Egbert

Master and Board-Certified Prosthodontist

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$us 12,500 per person

(does Not include travel and hotel accommodations)

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