Brazil Location

Via our partnership Rosa Education is Camarlengo Dental Institute in Caxias Do Sul in Southern Brazil.

  • Auditorium in cinema format with capacity for 34 attendees.

  • Technology compatible with the most modern, delivering comfort and quality during the theoretical classes.

  • Lobby used for group activities and dental room in an aquarium system, focused on practical classes.

  • Hands-on structure that allows a complete experience for the clinician.

Our faculty has been carefully chosen to provide the best learning experience. They are renowned professors in the most diverse areas of dentistry and health, concerned with the theoretical-scientific basis in each module they teach. Thus, enabling the integration between practical approach and theory. Through theoretical, practical, demonstrative, and technical-scientific discussions, trainees learn the technique step-by-step (from planning to execution), starting to perform it safely. In this way, after the courses, participants will be able to apply the professional practices acquired in the classroom to their daily dental practice.