California Location

California Location is at: 300 E. Buckhorn Street, Inglewood, CA 90301 – tel. 310-419-3000

The Community Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles (TCDC) has been stand-alone provider of quality oral health education and treatment services to dentally under-served children and their caregivers throughout the Greater Los Angeles since 1995.

Partake in something bigger than yourself. Become an indelible imprint of your Patients and Community and leave behind your footsteps to be followed.Camarlengo Dental Institute in collaboration with The Community Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles (TCDC), a Nonprofit Charity, along with our dental sponsors and manufacturers; strives to provide Free comprehensive implant-based rehabilitation dentistry to TCDC’s dentally underserved Adults, Seniors & Veterans through our live denture and implant courses, where dentists will be able to place implants while learning up-to-date surgical techniques from highly qualified instructors.Support our California Location every time you purchase from Amazon.Go to:

Then select The Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles and TCDC will receive a small donation from Amazon every time you buy.

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